Obsidian Property Management Ltd. (“Obsidian”) is licensed Rental and Strata Management Brokerage with the Real Estate Council of BC.  We serve rental and strata property owners throughout the Greater Vancouver Area (“GVA”).

By choosing to apply to Obsidian’s Vendor List exposes your company to serving our properties across the GVA.
Please be sure that
Your Profile is completely filled out and updated with your latest documents first.
Please review & agree to the Approved Trade Requirements below:

Approved Trade Requirements - As an Approved Trade company providing services to Obsidian Property Managements clients, I (we) agree to the following conditions:
I Agree Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance: I (we) agree to always maintain liability insurance with a minimum amount of $5,000,000. We have enclosed a copy of our current insurance certificate in our profile:
I Agree Work Safe BC Coverage:: I (we) agree to maintain Work Safe BC coverage at all times. We have enclosed a copy of our current clearance letter in our profile. We also agree to provide a clearance letter upon request of Obsidian Property Management Ltd., their employees, or clients.
I Agree GST Number: I (we) agree to provide our GST number to Obsidian. We have enclosed this information in our profile.
I Agree PST Number: I (we) agree to provide our PST number to Obsidian - if applicable. We have enclosed this information in our profile.
I Agree Certification & Licenses: I (we) agree to maintain all mandatory/required licenses and or certifications for any and all staff related to the work being done for Obsidian and/or the strata corporation. I (we) also agree that should at any time the license or certification be invalidated that I (we) will notify Obsidian immediately.
I Agree Service Agreements, Contracts, & Legal Notice: I (we) understand that Obsidian only acts as “Agent” for their Rental and Strata Clients. Any Service Agreement, Contracts, and/or Legal Notice are to be addressed properly in the client’s official name and not that of Obsidian’s.
I (we) understand that for Strata Corporation clients the proper legal address will always follow the following format:
The Owners, Strata Plan [strata plan # (e.g. EPS3214)]
c/o: Obsidian Property Management Ltd.
#306 – 7327 137th Street
Surrey, BC V3W 1A4
I Agree Invoicing: I (we) understand that Obsidian only acts as “Agent” for their Rental and Strata Clients and are in no way responsible or liable for any outstanding invoices for their Rental or Strata clients.
I (we) further agree that Obsidian can only approve our invoices once they have received authority from their Rental and/or Strata Client. That the work is always to be performed in the name and for the sole benefit of the Rental and/or Strata Client.
I (we) further agree that invoices must be in a legible format and received by either post at the same address agreed to under Service Agreements, Contracts, & Legal Notices above; or email in PDF file format to accounting@opml.ca.
I we additionally agree that invoices shall clearly indicate each following separately:
1. contracted amounts
2. approved quotes
3. any additionally agreed to changes from the original quotation or bid
Failure to clearly indicate the above will result in the invoice being returned and non-payment until it is corrected.
I Agree Payment & Cheque Runs: Payment & Cheque Runs:
I (we) acknowledge that payment of invoices may take between forty-five (45) to sixty (60) days of the receipt of the invoice, or longer if the Rental and/or Strata Client have any enquiries or issues with the supplied invoice.
I (we) further acknowledge that Obsidian will produce cheques on the fifteenth and last day of the month, and it may take three (3) to four (4) business days for the cheques to be signed by two real estate licensees. Once signed they will be mailed out, unless we provide alternate instructions.
I Agree Quotations: I (we) agree that quotes will only be accepted by Obsidian if they are sent to the client at the address shown in the Service Agreements, Contracts, and Legal Notice section above. Quotations may be sent by direct mail, fax, or via email. All quotations will be on your letterhead and bear the signature of a person capable of binding your company.
I (we) also agree that if we are providing quotations to multiple Rental or Strata clients that we will send the quotations separate of each other for each client.
All other quotations will be rejected.
I Agree Remuneration of Obsidian Staff:: I (we) acknowledge that we will not breach Obsidian’s third-party remuneration policy that may be changed at the discretion of Obsidian’s Managing Broker from time to time. Prior to offering any form of remuneration to an Obsidian employee we will verify with Obsidian’s Managing Broker if we can offer the remuneration.
We acknowledge that remuneration comes in many forms including but not limited to money, gift cards, event tickets, meals, subsidizing events, marketing merchandise, etc…
I (we) acknowledge that if at any time we are caught bribing and/or coercing or attempting to bribe and/or coerce any employee of Obsidian we will be immediately banned from the vendor list and all Obsidian client sites for five years. Additionally, I (we) will forfeit any contracts and/or current/future revenues as a result of current agreements without penalty or liability to Obsidian or their Rental or Strata Clients, plus the fee I (we) paid to be on the vendor list.
I Agree Communication:: I (we) agree that at no time shall I (we) or any employee or sub-trade speak with anyone other than the designated licensed Rental Property or Strata Manager regarding details of the work I (we) are performing.
I (we) also agree that all communication, reports, and/or documents are to be sent only to the licensee(s) Rental Property or Strata Manager.
The only exception to the above is if I (we) are granted express permission to communicate with someone(s) else by the licensed Rental Property or Strata Manager.
I Agree Terms & Conditions: I (we) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained above