Arthex Property Management  has been an ACMO 2000 Certified Property Management company since 2010. Arthex has also been recently licensed by the C.M.R.A.O managing thousands of units and over 50 corporations across southwestern Ontario. As per our Management Agreements, Certification and Licensing we are only permitted to work with insured and certified Vendors. To assist us with this we have chosen Shift Suite to properly Vette and monitor all Vendors working with Arthex. The Application fee is to cover the costs of ensuring all our Vendors are in compliance.  We appreciate your immediate attention with getting your company on our approved and preferred Vendors List.  Please note it may take up to 5 days to Vette your application and profile.

Please be sure that your profile is completely filled out and updated with your latest documents.

Please review & agree to the Approved Trade Requirements below:

Approved Trade Requirements - As an Approved Trade company providing services to Arthex Property Managements clients, I (we) agree to the following conditions:
I Agree Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance: I (we) agree to always maintain liability insurance with a minimum amount of $1,000. 0000 We have enclosed a copy of our current insurance certificate in our profile:
I Agree WSIB Coverage: I (we) agree to maintain WSIB coverage as per the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.:
I Agree Invoicing: I (we) understand that Arthex Property Management only acts as “Agent” for their Clients. I (we) further agree that Arthex Property Management will only approve our invoices if they are billed as below, and if they are original documents received at the address shown below, or such other address as may be confirmed in writing by Arthex Property Management.
Client Name/Address or Condo Corp (i.e. Smith /PSCC No. 1)
C/O Arthex Property Management
980 Fraser Drive Suite 204
Burlington Ontario L7L 5P5
I Agree Quotations: I (we) agree that quotes will only be accepted by Arthex Property Management if they are sent to the client at the address shown in the invoicing section above. Quotations may be sent by direct mail, fax at 905-340-0588 , or via email at All quotations will be on your letterhead and bear the signature of a person capable of binding your company. All other quotations will be rejected.
I Agree Licensing: I (we) agree to maintain all mandatory/required licenses for any and all staff related to the work being done for or behalf of Arthex Property Management.
I Agree Terms & Conditions: I (we) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions