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Easily apply to the condo industry’s best management companies and their condo corporation clients. Our property management clients have responsibilities to their condo corporation clients and as such the recommendations they make on any vendor from window washing, engineering, renovations to landscaping require careful vetting of your information.

We provide an easy way for all parties to have surety in the vendors they use.  As a Vetted Vendor you will get email notification of expiring WSIB certificates and General liability insurance while getting instant notifications when you are approved by each management company.

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We’ve created a simple solution to allow you to claim back the time you spend vetting vendors for your client base. VettedVendor allows you to easily manage hundreds of vendors. We give you an easy way to ensure your responsibility of recommending vendors to your condo corporation clients is effectively managed.

As a client of Vetted Vendor, you’ll get notifications when vendors WSIB or General Liability certificates expire and vendors that don’t meet your requiremetns will be automatically dropped off.

Vendor Management Made Easy

Another condo management software innovation brought to you by Shiftsuite